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It's time we've had enough of the disrespect.

The world needs to be reminded more that it’s okay if you don’t want to be a lawyer, dentist or some other type of job stuck in an office cube. Trades can be very rewarding, pay well and at the end of the day you can stand back and say, “I built that.” Support and encourage blue collar jobs; don’t steer our young people that are interested in the trades away from them. There are a lot of hard-working men and women in the trades right now, but they are not being replaced fast enough with skilled young people. It’s time to change the mindset that being in the trades is less important than a doctor or lawyer.

FABRIC Acrylic-Wool Blend
FIT & SIZE Adjustable Snapback-One Size Fits Most


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Troll Co's Commitment to Veterans

Northern Boots is an official distributor of Troll Co. Clothing and we purchase our products directly from Troll Co. Clothing. As a result, a portion of the proceeds from every item that we buy from them goes directly to helping our veterans. As of July 2019, Troll Co. Clothing has donated $72,000+ to the Fisher House Organization's Hero Miles Program along with $14,000+ to Canada VETS Program and Valour Place! We want to thank each and every one of you for your constant support for our Troll Co. products. We strongly believe it's important to give back to families of the military as much as possible, since without them risking their lives and their own futures, we wouldn't have the opportunities or safe environments that we currently live in. It is easy to take every day for granted, but it is important to try and take a step back to remember the soldiers who fought for our everyday lives and to support them any way we can.