STC Footwear Golden - Insulated Rubber Work Boot

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  • Lightweight and waterproof PU boot, blended for a greater abrasion, tear,oil and acid resistance.
  • Rigid internal METATECH System PLUS metguard protection, protects the top as well as the sides of the foot.
  • Composite toe protector and puncture-resistant insole.
  • Antitorsion polypropylene insole integrated into puncture-resistant insole.
  • Antimicrobial treated lining.
  • Removable insole made of PU foam for a long-lasting comfort.
  • 90° heel angle.
  • Slip resisting and stable PU Bering outsole blended for a greater abrasion and tear resistance.
  • Inner eyelet for hanging, eases the drying process.
  • Breathable neoprene insulated Neo sox included.
  • STYLE#S41540-17






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