Guide Gloves - CPN Needle Protection Glove in Synthetic leather- *3 PAIRS*

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Discrete, black needle protection glove in synthetic leather based on our proprietary CPN technology. The front is lined with a thin metal fabric that protects against needles and sharp objects – 4 layers in the palm and 2 layers on the front of the fingers and up over the fingertips. For added protection, the back is fitted with cut protection material made from Kevlar®. The cuff is easily adjusted with a Velcro fastener. 

  • Cut protection level F, palmside
  • Synthetic leather;Silicone grip pattern
  • Needle protection, palmside
  • Cut protection on back of hand

Protective features
Knuckle protection
Thumb crotch reinforcement
Finger Tips Reinforcment
Needle protection
Palm Reinforcement

Cut protection level F (ISO 13997)

Quality features
REACH compliant

Style #6204