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Pick Up Our Professional-Grade & "Everything-Proof" Grisport the Wellington Boots, and Keep Your Feet Safe and Comfortable in Even the Harshest Conditions.

Your Boots are a vital part of your day-to-day life. Whether you're working hard in construction, or enjoy going through long adventures in nature, these boots will be with you through thick and thin...Because you're not looking for boots that are just "good enough." You're looking for a pair of boots that can withstand anything you throw at them while keeping your feet comfy and cosy. 

Made with scuff resistant leather, kevlar stitching and puncture-resistant steel plates, The Grisport The Wellington Boots will keep your feet safe through virtually any conditions.The leak-proof design will keep your feet dry, even if you're spending hours in the water. While the thermal insulation will keep your feet warm in temperatures up to -30°C.

And if you're worried about your feet cramping or chaffing after a long day on your feet, don't be. The lightweight injected polyurethane sole and heel support system will keep you stable and comfortable for hours on end.

So pick up a pair of Grisport The Wellington Boots, your feet are worth it!


LEAKPROOF, KEEPING YOUR FEET DRY WHILE YOU WORK - No one likes leaky boots, especially when you're putting in hours on your feet. With these Grisport Wellingtons, you'll be able to keep your feet in the water for hours without leaking a single drop.

THE BOOTS YOU'LL HAND DOWN FOR GENERATIONS - These Wellies can take a beating: whether you're facing floods, muds, frost or dry. Designed with rugged, weather-proof Kevlar stitching and scruff-resistant material, these boots will last you a lifetime!

PERFECT BOOTS FOR THOSE WHO SPEND TIME ON THEIR FEET - Whether you're going on long dog walks, or working marine construction. Slipping into these boots will give your feet the stability and comfort they crave. You’ll forget you’re even wearing them!

KEEP YOUR FEET COMFY IN BOTH DEEP FREEZES AND UNBEARABLE HEAT -  Rated up to -30°C, these boots will keep your feet warm in the iciest conditions. Simultaneously, the ventilated material will let your feet breath and are heat resistant up to 300°C!  

KEEP YOUR FEET SAFE, EVEN IN THE HARSHEST CONDITIONS - Designed with puncture-proof steel toe caps, grease & slip-resistant soles and a guided heel support system. You'll find these to be the safest working boots out there: no matter the condition!


    CSACSA Z195-14
    Grade 1 toe protection with protective sole & Electric Shock Resistance (ESR)

    ASTM F2413-11
    I75/C75 Impact & Compression toe protection with Puncture Resistance (PR) protections and Electric Hazard (ER)

    Style #72401LD5t