Shoe Fitting Tips

I know many of you have faced a similar situation: You buy a new pair of work boots. It's the same size as all your other work boots and you know this brand is great. Yet, when you try it on, it doesn't fit well and it's uncomfortable and you wonder to yourself why? Why does this happen?

Even though you may know the size that you wear for many of your work boots, you may wonder why your new work boots don't fit well even though it's your size. And that's due to a simple reason: SIZE DOESN'T EQUAL TO FITTING WELL.

Even though each shoe model and brand may have some small differences in their sizes, many people don't know that there's another important reason that causes the discomfort and that's because of your foot arch. There are three important factors when it comes to sizes, although most people only really care about two of the factors, sometimes only one. The three factors include:

1. Foot length

2. Foot width

3. And the most overlooked factor, the foot arch.

With all three of these factors combined, that's when you can make the best judgement of whether this work boot size is the right fit for you.

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