Coolworks Workwear Hi-Vis Short Sleeve T-Shirt *BUNDLE OF 4*

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Moisture wicking so stay cool as you work with micro-fibre technology. 


Heat-Stress Will Have No Hold Over You! 

As global temperatures rise, heat-stress becomes a major concern for workers. With the CoolWorks Hi-Vis Ventilated short sleeve, you’ll be feeling cool and comfortable no matter how tough the job!

Made from performance materials that pull away moisture and sweat, the CoolWorks Hi-Vis shirt will keep you dry and ventilated.

And equipped with a UV protection rating of 35, this short-sleeve shirt is perfect for working outdoors in the blazing sun.

  • Extremely durable fabric, resistant to tears, wrinkles and fading. No need to worry about shrinkage in the wash, just follow the care instructions and you’re all set.
  • Stay cool and ventilated with the micro-fibre fabrics. Working out in the sun can have its tolls, as global temperatures increase, heat-stress becomes a serious danger. The CoolWorks Hi-Vis shirt’s performance fabrics will help keep you cool and relaxed.
  • Made with lightweight premium polyester micro mesh and 125 gsm moisture-wicking treatment to keep you dry as you work. No one likes getting weighted down by a sweaty shirt, especially when you’re out working on your feet all day. The moisture-wicking materials will pull sweat off of you, so you can stay light and dry all day.
  • Provides protection against ultra-violet rays to a rating of 35, so you can safely work in the sun.
  • The relaxed fit allows you to wear it over other clothes, or on its own.
  • Lightweight, cool, comfortable 100% polyester.
  • Non shrink colourfast fabric.
  • Meets CSA-Z96 2015 Class 2 Level 2 standards.


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