J.B. Goodhue – Truly Built For Work

J.B. Goodhue – Truly Built For Work

J.B. Goodhue has been a go to brand for many in the trades. A reliable and well-constructed boot that doesn’t dig too deep into the pockets. Yup, that’s J.B. Goodhue for you! For decades now, J.B. Goodhue has innovated and raised our expectations on what a work boot should be. From the classic J.B. Goodhue Dynamic work boot, J.B. Goodhue Ironworker boots and now the J.B. Goodhue Bionic boots, these are just some of the staple styles that have dominated job sites from coast to coast.

Why is J.B. Goodhue so popular you may ask? Well here are my points as to why!

  • FUNCTIONAL - Applicable to your specific trade
  • Affordability!


Let’s start with comfort. Do you really want to be wearing a work boot for hours that is killing your feet, literally? J.B. Goodhue boots have an amazing insole catered to each style of boot. From dynamic arch support, heel support and finally odor protection (stinky boots are a big no!). These boots do make working those long hours in work boots comfortable, sometimes you really do forget you are wearing work boots. Let this be known as the #JBDIFFERENCE

Some of the iconic styles that J.B. Goodhue has to offer are the classic, ironworker and rigger boots. For those industrial athletes who build our cities, with the jobs that not many want to do nowadays, J.B. Goodhue for generations have been catering to you. Different work boot styles catered specifically to your trade. Designed specifically for you. So next time you’re telling your buddies, “my boots only lasted 3 months” ask yourself are you wearing the right boots for you? Check out the JB collection offered by Northern Boots, broken down by work boot height, with descriptions breaking down the applications of the J.B. Goodhue work boots.

Now we get to the deciding factor for many, price. If you’re like myself and on a budget, you don’t want to spend a pretty penny on a pair of boots that are going to get destroyed. Yes, you care about your feet enough and want a good overall work boot. Without hurting your pockets of course. J.B. Goodhue boots offer a wide array of work boots catering to different price points, to truly suit your needs. And not to mention the team at Northern Boots are offering great pricing and free shipping on all J.B. Goodhue styles. Now that’s what I call a good deal!

So next time you’re shopping for a pair of work boots, check out the J.B. Goodhue collection, you won’t be disappointed and if you are, we are always open to feedback and will do our best to ensure you have an amazing customer experience. One of the main reasons that J.B. Goodhue has been around for as long as they have, is because they also listen to customers and continuously improve and innovate over the years. Because at the end of the day they want to keep improving and continue to provide their customers the best pair of boots possible.

Check out the entire J.B. Goodhue collection at northernboots.ca!