For some time now, in society there has been a negative light drawn upon true hard work labour. It is said to be “dirty”, “doesn’t pay enough”, and “taxing on the body”, these are just few of the ludicrous statements. These are nothing but false accusations. For too long we have just let it slide by, we have let these comments get passed down generations after generations. Now it seems to have taken a significant toll on the younger generation, where they do not perceive a construction job to be lucrative. The sad reality is that there is not enough young people getting into the trades to fill the void for serious in demand blue collar jobs. And for the smart few who are thinking outside the box and joining a trade, they need the support of our close-knit community.

Dirty Hands Clean Money Logo

The ones who have been in this industry for long enough do know that, “DIRTY HANDS CLEAN MONEY” holds very true. There is something truly rewarding about a hard day’s work, knowing that you are building something that will stand tall for years to come. That feeling of sweat dripping down your face on a hot summer’s day, feeling burnt out but be able to look up and say, “I built that”. Yes, the work is not easy, yes you got to get on your hands and knees and get dirty. And it isn’t for everyone. But the rewarding feeling you get cannot be replaced by no other job.

Dirty Hands Clean Money

That is why the motto, “DIRTY HANDS CLEAN MONEY” has caught the attention of many who truly live the blue collar life. It’s a way of showing our pride in what we do, day in and day out. It’s letting the world know that, we are blue collar as F*ck and we are proud of it!  So let’s support the community, let’s support each other and be proud of what we do!

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