Blaklader X1600 Work Pants

Tired of work pants that are just not holding up for you? Tired of going through works pants after work pants?  For the ones who are hard on their work pants, who get down and dirty, who are on their knees and always find themselves doing it all, we have got a pair of work pants just for you!

The Blaklader X1600 work pants are tough, durable, functional and most importantly designed to LAST! If these work pants can’t hold up to what you do, frankly I don’t know what will. Adjustable kneepads and reinforced utility pockets, side pockets, ankle cuffs and belt loops keep you agile, comfortable and protected on the most aggressive jobsites. Every detail and compartment of these Blaklader X1600 work pants were thought with the hard working you in mind. To ensure this is work wear that moves with you and not against you, holding you back.

Blaklader Workwear has a strong heritage of designing and bringing industry leading products to the forefront. These Blaklader X1600 work pants are just a great example of that. It’s one of those work wear essentials you wish you’d have known about since you got into the trades, it’s that type of product that just makes your life easier.

So, quit worrying about having to buy a new pair of work pants every other week, and get yourself the Blaklader X1600 work pants, it is available in a grey/black and purely black color. You’ll get a pair and soon everyone on your job site will. Be a trend setter, be one for change and join the Blaklader Workwear club!